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Malindi Progressive Academy

Malindi progressive academy is a small private school located in malindi. It is located near Malindi district hospital. The school is comprised of nursery section, primary and secondary section. Though its a small school by size, Malindi progressive academy(M.P.A) is one of the best perfoming schools in malindi. M.P.A was officially opened in 2004. When it was once opened, it really had few students compared from now . It was first recognized in 2007 after the 2006 KCSE results got out. A female student from M.P.A had topped in Malindi and she was the first student from M.P.A to be sponsored by Equity Bank. Thats the time the school started receiving large enrolment of students. Its a good school by nature.


The school system of administration is really different with other schools in Malindi. One thing is about caning of the students. Normally high school students get punished in different ways but in M.P.A students get punished by caning. To their views is that caning minimises wastage of time of the students rather than sending a student out of class and make the student do a punishment for like an hour or more in which the student will be in a loss since he/she will miss classes.


The owner of the school opened other two progressive schools which by names are Kagombani progressive school and Watamu progressive school. By those three schools, they normally do inter-progressive schools competitions in terms of sports, joint exams, talent show and some other activities. By doing this, M.P.A hasn’t been involving itself in a lot of competitions with other schools since it has just been competing the other progressive schools except in Maths contest know us PROMABAYE which includes M.P.A, Malindi High School, Barani Secondary School and Muyeye High School. Doing such things has been giving students a challenge in M.P.A since the teachers really go hard on the students to do well in the contests and they also encourage students by giving them prizes when they do well in those exams. Malindi Progressive School has been an aspiring school for many students in Malindi and it really has many goals which they want to achieve as one of the best performing schools. Tracing back ten years ago, the school wasnt even recognizable but now its a known school since it has been a giving a lot of challenge to the big public schools like Malindi High, Ribe boys and Barani Secondary in terms of education. It has been able to secure a position in the top three of the best performing schools in Kilifi county. The school is also trying harder to be recognized in the whole coastal area but just not Kilifi county alone. Thats their current goal and they are working on it.

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