Education in Malindi

There is no shortage of education options in Malindi Town, although you may find different systems available and the quality of the education offered to be varying. As a general rule in most countries and towns, the better schools in Malindi tend to be privately owned and targeting individuals from more expensive areas.

Nursery schooling is the basic foundation level of normal Malindi education. These are generally known as the pre-primary school (KG1 & KG2) optional for some children aged two to five years, whilst primary and secondary education is compulsory from 5 to about 14 – 16 years. The school day, according to government regulations, is typically from 8 am until 3.30 or 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday. The three-term school year starts in early January and runs until November. There is a month break between each term, and about 8 weeks break at the end of the year that runs through November and December.

There are two standard types of schools in Malindi:

1. Government /Public schools

Most pupils in Malindi attend free government schools funded by taxes and administered by the Ministry of Educations, following the National Curriculum. The education standard at most of these government schools ranges from excellent  State schools ranges from excellent to terrible. However,  the overall score of these schools is above average. It is recommended to take pupils to schools within their neighbourhoods, so it is prudent for you to do some sort of research before moving into an area.

Barani Secondary school students

Barani Secondary school student during an interact event

See a list of Primary and Secondary public schools

Primary Schools in Malindi


Public Secondary Schools in Malindi

  1. Barani Secondary School

2. Malindi High School

2. Private Schools

Private schools are education options or schools where parents have to pay fees, or in some cases, pupils have to win scholarships or are sponsored to attend. Many if not most of the private schools in Malindi provide education from nursery level to 18 years. These schools are becoming more popular as middle-income parents seek a higher quality education for their children than most State facilities provide. There are single-sex (boys or girls), co-educational and religious options, some of which offer boarding facilities.

Private primary School

Private Secondary School

  1. Malindi Progressive Academy

Higher Education in Malindi

Malindi offers a variety of higher and further education at universities and colleges, including Mount Kenya University (MKU), University of Nairobi, two of the most prestigious Universities in Kenya. Degree and diploma courses take at least three years and two years respectively.

Colleges in Malindi

There are quite a number of Colleges and other tertiary institutions of learning in Malindi. These include; Jusnet Business Institute, Meda Business College, Nusra Technical Training Institute, Royal Beauty College among others.

Libraries in Malindi

There are only two libraries in Malindi; The Kenya National Library Service Library and Elimu Resource Center

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