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Malindi Town Cleanup – Eleven times in a row



malindi town cleanup - 3013_l

Malindi Stakeholders, as they have come to be known are closing to a year with the monthly Malindi Town cleanups with the eleventh consecutive clean-up done just over the weekend of February 8th. The cleanups which were started in March last year have seen a monthly cleanup every second Saturday of the month since. Every other cleanup has had its own theme thus making it “an all-inclusive “event and initiative for all Malindians.


Why conduct monthly Malindi Town cleanups?

The whole essence of conducting monthly Malindi Town cleanups is to change the attitude, perception and eventually involve every other individual within Malindi to engage actively in the effort of cleaning up Malindi as it the responsibility of every individual to ensure that the environment we leave in is spotlessly clean. This why the cleanup is driven by the motto “My town my responsibility”.

Who are the people behind the Monthly Malindi Town cleanups?

Different players from different industries with Malindi Kenya have come together to ensure the goal is achieved. This month’s cleanup was themed targetted players in the Water, sanitation and health industries. However, it also targets people living Casuarina Road; from Jua kali artisans, shop owners, local bars, restaurants, Malindi Water and Sewerage Company and the Malindi General Hospital

All photos are courtesy of The Italian Portal in Kenya

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