Malindi remains the second biggest and least expensive shopping destination on the Kenyan Coast. It remains a cultural experience, especially when visiting the Barani and Shela neighbourhoods where the likes Kilimanjaro spice shop, Bawaly Halwa’s and Sarto Moderno clothing stores are located.

The town is not particularly big in markets, but there are two common markets. The old Market locally know as Soko la zamani, a colourful market of fresh fruits and vegetable open every morning and the new Market which is popular for small retail goods, items of clothing and electronics. It also serves as a bus terminal to different parts of the region.

We have selected some of the best places to shop, places that will give you a wide variety to choose from in fashion, design, handicraft et cetera:


1.Galana Shopping Centre

2. Malindi Shopping Centre

3. Multi Grocers

4. Sabaki Shopping Complex

What to Buy

Art & Paintings

Beaded and Leather Shoes



Malindi Shops:
Designer Wear
Urban Wear
Household Goods & Interior Design
Ceramic Tiles
Books & Music
Gourmet or Health Food
Shopping Malls
Shopping in Malindi