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Nazi: Swahili – English Dictionary



nazi - swahili english dictionary


Nazi (noun). A coconut from mnazi. Nazi is the most general descriptive term, but seven stages in its development are distinguished under the names;

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upunga, the first forming of the fruit on the flower stem; kidaka, a young nut; kitale, a half-grown nut; dafu, full grown and full of milk(maji ya madafu); koroma, when the milk is decreasing, and the nutty part is forming;nazi, fully ripe and the nut has hardened;

Nazi kavu, the nutty part separated from the shell (see also mbata).

As a rule, nazi are only gathered when ripe (fully hardened). The nutty part is used for cooking(see also tui, chicha, mbuzi) or dried and sold as copra which is used to make coconut oil (mafuta ya nazi)


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