Robinson Island

Robinson Island is situated in the North of Malindi and about forty-five-minute drive past Ngomeni Salinas. The road leading there is full of wonder as there are some salt basins around the area, which sometimes are full of flamingos. After the road trip, one is needed to take a boat ride in order to reach the island. Once on the island one is greeted with breathtaking views and unique scenery that is absolutely amazing.

Robinson island has a rich diversity of flora and fauna, a delight for nature lovers and scenic photographers. The island resort offers amazing seafood cuisine with mussels and king crabs a favourite delicacy. On the menu also one is served lobsters and shrimps and dessert is usually a fruit salad accompanied by traditional African ginger tea. About 3 miles from the island is the San Marco platform where one might experience a little history of the place.

Moreover, the prices for one to be accommodated in the island resort are fairly manageable. Reservations though should be done in advance so as not to miss an opportunity for one to enjoy this breathtaking little paradise.