Marafa Hell’s Kitchen

Marafa Hell’s Kitchen is a rugged landscape with high cliffs and sharp rocks much like the Grand Canyon in the United States only a bit small.

malindi Marafa Hell's Kitchen

Inside the canyon, you can admire many shades of colours, all with a different meaning believed from a legend in the past:
The red of the hills is the blood of the family punished by God for the waste done;
White is the colour of milk wasted by the family;
Yellow is the colour of God’s wrath towards the family.

The Legend of the Marafa Hell’s Kitchen

The legend has it that long time ago, there lived a very wealthy family in the present day Marafa Village. He was the owner of a vast expanse of land and of many heads of cattle, that bred and kept multiplying every other year.

Water, one of the basic necessities of life, was very far away from the area. It would take days and effort to reach to this important commodities. Therefore, this rich resorted to using milk instead of water for all there need, including washing utensils and clothes.

God was angered with the acts of this family and He unleashed his wrath on it. An enormous storm came onto Marafa creating a deep chasm that engulfed the family and made it so hot as to be completely inhospitable for man, creating the Marafa Hell’s Kitchen we witness today!

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