Malindi Marine National Park


Malindi Marine National park is the oldest Marine National Park in Kenya. It is located about 120 kilometres from the nearest city, Mombasa. The park is easily accessible from both road and Air. The nearest airport, Malindi Airport (MYD) is barely 10 kilometres away.

The extent of Malindi Marine National Park

The Malindi Marine National park extends all the way from the Vasco Da Gama pillar to Watamu. According to MagicalKenya, the Park is enveloped by a National reserve that starts about 100 feet of coastal land and extends seaward up to about 3kms.

An explosion of undersea color, the fish and the coral here will compete for your attention with their dazzling hues. Africa’s first marine park is a treasure of fringing reefs, coral gardens, lagoons, seagrass, and every sort of sea life – turtles, dolphins, fish, and shorebirds.

The clarity of the water and unending variety of the park’s marine life guarantees near-perfect diving and snorkeling. Other fun things to do in Kenya’s first protected marine environment include windsurfing, water skiing, deep-sea fishing and just swimming amongst the brilliant waterscape of fish populating this reserve.
The 6 sq. km (2.3 sq. mi) park borders the larger 213 sq. km (82 sq. mi) reserve which encompasses beaches, mangroves, mud-flats, and a variety of coral reefs. The park boasts over 600 species of fish and well over a hundred types of coral.

Coral Garden of Malindi Marine Park

When Snorkeling, diving, swimming, or just touring you’ll come across a rainbow of coral types such as the flat, wide potato coral, the jagged branches of staghorn coral, and the aptly named organ pipe and boulder brain coral.
Flurrying about these delicate coral forms, you will come across triggerfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish, grouper, emperor, and many more. Other species inhabiting this active under marinescape are sea anemone, crab, lobster, sea cucumber, and octopus.

The weather around Malindi Marine National Park

The treasured sea turtle also makes this park its home with many varieties – green, hawksbill, olive ridley, and loggerhead. The varied habitats provide essential nesting sites for the turtles ensuring their survival.
The area experiences two rainy seasons. The long rainy season lasts from April to May with a dusting of rain starting and ending in late March and through June. The long rain is followed by the long dry season lasting from July through October. The short rainy season then starts in November and December before the short dry period in January and February.

Things to Do in Malindi Marine National Park

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