House of Columns

House of columns

The House of Columns is one of the oldest buildings in Malindi Town. It is a showcase of ancient Swahili Architecture. It houses one and the only large Coelacanth ever captured in Malindi waters. The House of Columns, before being renamed, was known as the Malindi Museum. As a mini-museum, it houses some of the peculiar findings of Malindi Marine Life.

History of the House of Columns

It is recorded that the housed was used in the 19th Century by Adulhusein Gulamhusein & Co. But an analysis of the structure of the building shows that it way be way older than that. The first picture of the building is seen in a book published in 1898. W.W Fitzgerald wrote that he arrived in Melindi on 15th July 1891 and stayed with the officer in-charge with Melinde district, Mr Bell Smith. His house (Pictured in Fitzgerald’s book) was a two-storied white house on the beach and was conspicuous from the sea.

picture taken by w.w fitzgerald of the house of columns

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