Arabuko Sokoke Forest

Arabuko Sokoke ForestArabuko Sokoke forest has an area that is estimated to be around 420 kilometers squared. In fact, it is said to be the only forest patch within Eastern and Southern Africa consisting of dry coastal forest that is continuous.

Arabuko Sokoke forest is a unique habitat and it is characterized by a large flora and fauna biodiversity. These are about three different kinds of unique forest vegetation as well as other seasonal kinds that offer habitat to about 600 species of plant, 230 bird species, 52 mammal species, and about 79 amphibian species.

Location of Arabuko Sokoke Forest

Arabuko Sokoke forest is located along the Mombasa-Malindi highway about 100km from Mombasa and 18km from Malindi. The gate is situated close to Gede town, a settlement of people on the junction to Watamu on the Malindi Mombasa road. The gate is well marked with a clear signpost of the forest reserve.

Wildlife in Arabuko Sokoke Forest

There are 40 mammal species that have been recorded in the Arabuko Sokoke forest. These include African Elephant, African Civet, African Buffalo, caracal, yellow baboons, Syke’s monkey, and the lesser Galago also known as the Bushbaby.

Some of Kenya’s rarest mammals are also found here. These include the Sokoke bushy-tailed mongoose, the Ader’s Duiker and the Golden-rumped Elephantshrew.

Arabuko Sokoke is more than just the expansive forest, the mammals and the bird’s species therein. There is a large network of well-marked forest trails that are good for walking. There are also about 30km of good driving roads through different forest vegetation. Beautiful hidden seasonal pools amongst the Miombo woodlands have a vast presence of both amphibian and birds species. The forest expanse can be seen from an elevated viewpoint within the forest.

The Nyari Viewpoint provides a panoramic view of the Arabuko Sokoke forest canopy and the adjacent coastline that is not very far away.

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