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For some time now, I have been working closely with Kola beach resort in Mambrui, Malindi Kenya, and I have come to realize that it is a Five Star resort . This has put me to the task to figure out the star rating system and what to expect from each level of hotel/ resort (1- 5 star). As...
After some time of blogging and posting about the beautiful, majestic Malindi, i have started receiving  mails and request of Facebook to help out visitors coming to Malindi town for a short getaway from a hectic week in the Capital. This was one of my responses: As you visit Malindi during the weekend, you should always be prepared to party. Clubbing...
kola beach
New opportunities have been created lately with the Malindians working together with Kola Beach Resort and Undepicted photography & Films in Malindi Kenya. The last few days have seen me travelling to Mambrui Malindi more frequently. The destination to all my visit were to Kola beach resort. The expanse and the unique setting of this resort made me probe...
I wasn't born  but was raised in Malindi. The few years that i was living outside Malindi (Mostly as a child), we visited Malindi quite often. The perfect holiday was one that included a short trip to Malindi. Being out of towners, getting a hotel room was a must. Apart from Ozi and Lamu hotels, the only hotel i...
maulidi in malindi town
Malindi town, located on the coastal shores of Kenya, has a population of approximately one hundred thousand. The town is rich in different things. Widely known as a tourist town, it surely hold beauty that attracts a lot of tourists, that is domestic and international tourists, in this case mostly Italians thus getting the name “little Milan”. Sights and Attractions...



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