If the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” could be exchanged into words on paper, this video vixen would be equal to a whole library of encyclopedia for her love of photographs a.k.a #selfies. Iman Sidi Katanu hails from Gongoni, Malindi. She has an impressive academic record having gone to some of the best school in the Republic including Jaffery Academy- Nairobi, Ribe Girls,Nairobi Aviation College and the University of Nairobi.

Her love for the lenses had made her have quit an impact of the video and photography industry. She has quit a collection of youtube videos, albums of photos on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

She took it a notch higher, she was the “girl” in CHIKUZEE latest video KIBEBE. I dont know what do say about the personality portrayed by this “chic” when she is infront of the camera, but all i can is she has a bold personality #DONTJUDGEME

Move to France

Iman Sidi Katanu
Iman Sidi Katanu

Meeting “the love of her life”, she moved to France. Today, Iman Sidi Katanu thrives as a writer, Swahili activist, artist and model . She runs a blog is a that is basically a journal of the of this simple East African young woman now living in France as well as her journey  to understanding herself, adventure, experiences and phases she goes through.

Photo ofIman Sidi Katanu
Iman Sidi Katanu
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