Majid Nair has been for a long time as the “FLOSS KING” of Malindi Town. No one has ever dared to beat this guy when it comes to show off. He dresses sharply, once known for his signature ponytail (mkili), now reformed and mature he dresses to be emulated by many of his peers. He has love for fast life – rides fast with High powered motorbikes, am not talking of Vespa, Bajaj or Haojin. I am talking to brands that fit to be in SuperBike and MotoGP for the likes of Valentino Rossi and the others.

That is not all when it comes to Majid, he is known to be fun and loves having fun. This includes travelling to game reserves as well as several appearances on music videos.

I guess you know that, but had a “One-on-one” with him to learn more about him, Suprisingly there is alot we didn’t know about Majid Nair.

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Majid Nair
(Royal Infinity)
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