Dugarry can be termed as one of the most known individual within circles in Malindi without any political affiliation. However, most of the people that interact with him do not really know his real name. Malindians have decided to reveal his identity to the general public to unravel this mysterious individual.

Real Name: AbdulSwamad Baakathir
Nickname: Dugarry
Occupation: Artist, Barber


Malindians.com were curious to know the genesis of the nickname that has completely taken up his real name.

dugarry malindi malindiansThe name “Dugarry” comes from his early days as an active football player. He used to adorn an AC Milan Jersey of the former French international Christophe Dugarry. Since most of the fellow players never knew his real name, the name Dugarry become popular up to date. The closest people have come to his name is Abdul. He says that most people end up calling him Abdul Dugarry, which is wrong as Abdul is an arabic word that means servant and can only be followed by one of the 99 Beautiful names of Allah

The father and husband is a full time barber who sometimes take breaks to do some art. He is well known for general painting of premises as well as decorations and artwork. He is also accomplished when it comes to t-shirt artwork. In several exceptional occasions, his artwork is seen on automobiles especially Malindi’s popular mode of transport, The Tuktuk.

Dugarry Photography

Dugarry is also one of the best photo and videographers in Malindi Town. He has a specialty of Islamic and Swahii wedding, but he has now extended to several other fields. With a team of photographer, Dugarry Photography has you covered and captured in every corner of your event.


For Gents’ Barber, Hair stylist and Artist services Contact dugarry on

0724111154 or 0789111154

Photo ofAbdulSwamad Baakathir
AbdulSwamad Baakathir
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