Malindi residents turned out in large numbers to show love to Tanzanian music group, Yamoto Band as the music group kicked off their Kenyan tour with a show in Malindi Kenya.
Yamoto band was in town and was performing at the PataPata Beach Club. The show organized by Ring Ring entertainment in collaboration with PataPata Beach Club was set to start at 8pm and sure enough the doors opened early.
As early as 8:30pm, Yamoto fans had already started arriving in the club with the total number of fans later estimated to have been more than 1500.
A big number of fans were expected due to the popularity of the boy band and the organizers had taken steps to ensure the smooth running of the event.
At this point, a special mention to the management of the club is needed. Despite the overwhelming number of fans in the establishment, the service was fast and top notch. Security personnel were on top of their game in controlling the crowd before, during and after the show.
A management personnel of the club told the Malindians that professionalism and preparation by all the staff was responsible for the success of the show and the club always strived to impress its clients with high class service.
Some minutes past midnight, the stage was cleared to pave way for the show, dancers accompanying the band took the floor to show revelers the latest dance moves and they did not disappoint judging by crowd reaction. 20 minutes later, dancers exit, enter Yamoto Band to screams and shouts from fans. The group was surely surprised to find a crowd of a thousand plus singing along to all their songs. The band started off with a few songs yet to hit the Kenyan airwaves then dove into their well known hits which by this time had whipped up the crowd to the point that everyone was either standing, dancing, singing along or all of them.
The boy band do know how to entertain and the fans were not disappointed, singing and dancing they gave their fans their all and by the time they finished they had justified their name as they proved they are indeed moto.
Not to be out done by the visitors, Dj Crownbee also delivered an award winning performance keeping the crowd on its feet to the wee hours of the morning. Playing a combination of genres, the dj was just impressive as was the sound system plus the lighting system.
From what was delivered by Ring Ring entertainment and PataPata Beach Club, it is right to say that Malindians are looking forward to more shows in the future organized by the duo and you can be sure we will be there to tell you how it went down.

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