The woes of the people of Malindi are becoming evident everyday. The latest incidence where fire burnt down millions of shillings worth of good shows the sorry state in which the county government of Kilifi is in. The Count government is not prepared handle any sort of fire.

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  The county has only a small fire engine that can barely last five minutes when trying to put off fire. The situation is made worse by the fact that it takes more than 45 minutes to refill the same engine. This sparked anger in residents who threatened to destroy the fire engine which prompted police official around to instruct the drivers to take off as their services were no longer needed.

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This is evident that the county government has misplaced priorities. There should be a fleet of fire engines or atleast large fire engines that can be of help to the residents. Instead, the Kilifi County governement have been seen buying luxurious FORD EVEREST, which are parked most of the time as they have no use. According to angry residents, these “FORDs” have been seen driven around with “girlfriends” of the County officials, clear indicator of misuse of public funds. The general public¬†are urging the County Government to step up their efforts to investment in the tools of service delivery and know the priorities of the County.

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