If the saying a picture is worth a thousand words could be exchange into words on paper, this video vixen would be equal to a whole library of encyclopedia for her love of photographs a.k.a #selfies.Iman Sidi Katanu hails from Gongoni, Malindi. She has an impressive academic record having gone to some of the best school in the Republic including Jaffery Academy- Nairobi, Ribe Girls,Nairobi Aviation College and the University of Nairobi.

Her love for the lenses had made her have quit an impact of the video and photography industry. She has quit a collection of youtube videos, albums of photos on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.


Lately, she is the “girl” in¬†CHIKUZEE latest video¬†KIBEBE. I dont know what do say about the personality portrayed by this “chic” when she is infront of the camera, but all i can is she has a bold personality #DONTJUDGEME

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