I would like to believe that you saw the trending hashtag #WhatWouldMagufuliDo a few weeks back. The hashtag was generally inspired the bold steps that newest president in East Africa, John Pombe Magufuli, had been taking in order to save money and ensure efficiency within the country. Honestly, I don’t see that happening in this State or County. Today, it is not about Magufuli or our State Kenya. I would like to talk about Kilifi County and our neighbouring county of Mombasa.

I am not a fan of politics, but i have realized that i cannot separate politics from the regular things that happens in my life. Hon. Hassan Joho, aka Governor 001 – Mombasa County Governor is one of the few Governors in the country that i follow closely on social Media. I am impressed with the work that they do, or maybe the work that they post or show to be doing. You may argue that they are only working on social media but not on the ground. I agree to disagree. If they are seen visibly on social media that they are working, that means that somebody in-charge of publicity or communication is doing their job well. Therefore, anybody claiming that work wasn’t done would have to come with proof to refute what was shown. Myself am of “If there is no picture/photos it never happened” school of thought. Automatically the opposite is true.

Very early yesterday morning as i was going through my habitual browsing on Facebook, i come across a post from the official Facebook page of Hon. Hassan Joho. This is what it read:

Our resolve to transform Mombasa to a 24hr economic hub got a major boost today as the LED street lighting network expanded to Kongowea, Old Malindi road through Bamburi all the way to Shanzu and the New Malindi road from Kisauni Road through Bombolulu all the way to Shimo La Tewa Prison.

This initiative is jointly executed by the Department of Trade ,Energy and Industry of the County Government of Mombasa and Kenya Power.

The street lighting will go a long way in enhancing security and extending business hours especially for the small scale business owners.

We will continue to invest in infrastructure that will enhance the business environment and stimulate economic growth.

hassan joho

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I would like to take this chance to voice my thoughts and the questions in my head. If you saw my Instagram post last week on how bright Malindi nightlife is, you will agree with me that the type of lights used are similar for the two county. What i beg to know is whether the initiative that has been jointly executed by the Department of Trade, energy and Kenya Power has also collaborated with the County of Kilifi, or is it a sole venture of the County of Kilifi? There were lights that were installed before the installation of the new LED lights, were they disposed off? Were they property of the county?

What are our leaders doing?

I would like to believe that there is a big number of citizens that are living in Malindi, Kilifi and other towns that are yearning to know what the leaders they have chosen to represent them in different capacities are doing. I am one of them. In this age, i would appreciate a regular updates from the MCA (Member of County Assembly), Member of Parliament, senator, Women Representative and even the Governor. Updates from the Mainstream media might be expensive, however i know that it costs just a few Megabytes of data to keep “Local Wananchi” posted on the Work you are doing for the People.

I would like to finish off by saying “If we do not see anything on the ground being done and nothing on social media, you cannot blame the local wananchi for assuming that you are upto nothing”

So everyday as you go through your day, as a leader in this County, As yourself #WhatWouldHassanJohoDo?

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