I hadn’t really planned to go to the Pine Court Hotel all-white party Beach party, but since it was my first time to attend to such a party and a friend of mine was coming all the way from Mombasa, I thought it was worth the try. By 10pm, I still didn’t have the attire,” full white”. I quickly ran through my options and “ta raaa”, that hitch was fixed.
My place was a few minutes out of town. I got my favourite “Boda Boda” Guy to drop me. Today, he had special instruction. He was to wait I freshen up then we leave for the party. After fixing myself a quick snack, I quickly went to the shower, got out, put on my white “Malindians” Shirt, nice jeans and my Brown sneakers……I know it was an all-white party and I didn’t have white shoes in my wardrobe.
By the time I was done, I found my Boda Boda Guy catching a Chelsea game; it wasn’t so difficult to leave as they were already losing. As we heading to the party, I couldn’t stop imagining the sight of the party; my head had a beach bar filled with people dressed in white, people who might have tried as hard as me to dress for the occasion.
I have been to the place, Pine Court beach bar, on a previous occasion. Today, the attendance was not any different. T people dressed in all white were countable. Most were half white. According to the standards at the party, I was doing 90% white. As much as they had burst my bubble, I told myself that “This can be fixed, the night was still young” and went ahead to find myself a seat.

Did I tell you the story of Khadija? I guess I haven’t. It wasn’t hard to find a seat, but before I found one, I found Khadija. She was at the party as a rep of Heineken who were pushing their drinks. Am used to khadijas in buibui and this one wasn’t in one. With a body to kill, I was almost convinced to get those four bottles and drinking. I didn’t want to give her the impression that I was useless to her, I come up with a bunch of fake reasons to why I wasn’t ready to drink yet and left her to get a seat.
So I sat with my sprite, sipping waiting for my friend. The music was nice, mostly video mixes by some Deejay. The guess deejay, Dj Bones, from Mombasa came with a “delegation” of fans from Mombasa. In spite a few hitches with the music system, the party went on and picked pace. With time the party grew bigger and bigger. I would like to believe that most of the party revelers coming from Malindi (home town), did not get the memo that this was an All-White Party. The Mombasa crew dressed to kill, including the Honourable Mohamed Abbas, the CEC Youth Gender & Sports, Mombasa County, who graced the event.
Fast forward through the party, there was much that could have been done to make the party bigger and better, but we all had fun. I admit I should have taken Khadija’s phone number, but that will be a mission for another day. You should totally visit Malindi.

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Why have I been traveling so much? Because I have grown to like and love Malindi, I want to take risks, meet interesting people, challenge myself, explore the world, and learn more about myself in the process. This also helps me tell the story of how interesting Malindi.


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