Have you ever listened to a song on radio and felt like smashing the audio machine to pieces or watched a song either on TV or a computer and felt really disappointed in humanity, that’s what happened to me yesterday, let me explain more.
While doing constructive online research which in essence means passing employers time doing things that might get you fired, I decided to sample some Malindi Kenya music on popular site YouTube.
What I came across is not only poor and cheap in terms of quality and content but extremely worrying as these are people who consider themselves as music artists.
The only redeeming feature and commendable job on these videos is the quality of videos and its kudos to Mr. Bonaya Bissani, the director of some of them.
The video aside, its downhill from there, from a raga artist who churns out incomprehensible lyrics to a hip-hop artist who should be charged at the ICC for crimes against the English language.
Why I beg to ask should a coast based artist choose to rap in English, a language as foreign to him as rain is to the Sahara, or why should a Malindi rapper sing in Italian,, are you targeting Italians or are you just trying to show off.
At the moment, if the guide to Malindi Kenya music talent is on YouTube, then we are going somewhere artistically and that is the bottom of the ocean.
We can’t all be rappers and singers just as we can’t all be doctors, pilots or politicians, some of us have to be listeners and the greatest service you can do unto yourself is realize where your talents lie and avoid taking paths not meant for you.
There are some talented individuals here in Malindi town but the sad thing is that they lack in resources to record and shoot videos and the lost confused ones are loaded with cash to sponsor their sorry attempts at music.
I hereby call on the powers that be at YouTube to please vet our videos from Malindi Kenya to save us the embarrassment that is sure to follow, am even willing to work as the quality control guy on pro bono basis.
Lastly, fellow Malindians, if your brother, sister, relative or friend is aspiring to follow in the steps of a music icon, whether imaginary or real, please be honest with them, talent is not acquired enroute but its either iko ama haiko.