If you have been reading my posts, most of what I talk about is the beautiful beaches of Malindi, hotels and nice spots to hang out while in Malindi. For those who follow me on Instagram (@malindians), all you can see is the beautiful pictures of ladies in bikini etc. I would like to remind me you all that there is a lot more to Malindi Kenya than just the beaches, attraction and women. There is the interior of Malindi, the land where native have ploughed land, herds of cattle, well irrigated parcels of lands and the stretching River Galana.

Malindi town connect Tsavo East national Park through Sala gate on Tsavo road. It is on western part of the Malindi Town. Just a few hundred metres on the road on your way to Sala Gate, the tarmac ends. From this point on, the road is murram with a few spots of unmurramed road. Most of the people have settled along the road making shopping centres with a higher population than the rest. Away from the shopping centres are farms or plots that have been converted to plots. A portion of Malindi people prefer living on their farms. This allows them to develop their farms fully to self-sustainable asset.


Since I was going very far from the town, I passed through Ndugu mnani, Ganda, Mere and Madunguni. I took a diversion at Mandunguni. The road was to lead me straight to the Banks of river Galana. That is road is taking us to the river plains of the Galana. The stretches though dry showed high farming activity. It was already ploughed awaiting the long rains that come in March. My journey did not stop there. I went straight ahead making a few corners, all to the right until I come to reeds and few bushes common with Riverine ecosystem. It was now evident that the River is just a few metres away.

the outskirts of malindi 6  the outskirts of malindi 5

As I reached the River, I marvel at how I crossed different people, their establishments and different activities that they were engaged in. Farming was predominant in this area and one could tell it was the backbone of their economy. I couldn’t help it but remember the days we relied on agriculture for not only our sustenance but also as our chief foreign export earner.

the outskirts of malindi 8
Kadzora ( bush mouse) trap. A delicacy to some of the locals


I cannot emphasize enough the need for people travel to the coast of Kenya, especially Malindi Kenya to take a chance and sample the cultural diversity in these undisturbed lands. You will surely fall in Love with Malindi.

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Why have I been traveling so much? Because I have grown to like and love Malindi, I want to take risks, meet interesting people, challenge myself, explore the world, and learn more about myself in the process. This also helps me tell the story of how interesting Malindi.