The recent closure of stardust disco has opened my eyes to the otherwise obvious but previously unseen class system in Malindi town.

Let me explain what I mean. In Malindi we have four disco clubs worth a mention and they are Kienyeji joint near Alaskan grounds, along Lamu road we have Stardust disco and Fermento disco and behind Woburn residence down at the beach we have the exquisite Patapata beach club.

As I found out over the last weekend every club has its own set of clients who don’t usually patronize other clubs unless necessary and club hopping are eyed with suspicion rather meant for a person stepping outside his class area. - Das Infoportal über den Küstenort in Kenia

According to my “mtaani experts”, Malindi is divided along financial which is kind of a good thing considering other towns have tribalism as their dividing factor. Your finances will determine which area you will reside in, where your kids will go to school and in this case where you will party.

Lets analyze this ‘theory’ closely, the only club which allows miraa eaters into their establishment is Kienyeji, its located near the residential areas of Majengo and Kisumu Ndogo and unless there have an event the do not have a cover charge. Their beers retail at 180/- and sodas at 50/-. Sema pocket friendly. Music is mainly bongo, Kenyan, dancehall, hiphop and reggae.

patapata beach club Malindi

Stardust caters mainly for the young working class, it has a cover charge at the entrance and miraa is a no. Beers are 200/- and soda 100/- . The club is also popular with “wazungus” thus popular with ladies of the night.  Music is mainly a mix of everything but with emphasis on techno.

Until recently with credit to Dj Ali Pappi ,fermento was a club strictly meant for “wazungus” as evidenced by their choice of music and high prices but with Alipapi the crowd has changed and also the music but the drinks price is still meant to maintain the status-quo especially on weekends,

Patapata beach club is without doubt the classiest join1t in Malindi boasting of a pool, leather seats and a beach if you want to get sand into your toes. But all this luxury is definitely going to cost you. The club has a cover charge, beer prices are 250/- and sodas 200/-. But if you want to party with the sea breeze in your hair and great lights and sound system, then here you will enjoy.

My experts gave me this theory, you will never find a Patapata person in Kienyeji nor a Kienyeji person in Patapata but a Patapata person will go to Stardust or Ferment and vice versa. Sometimes a Kienyeji person will go to Stardust or Ferment and vice versa. Confused? I was too until I thought about it. A Swahili proverb says that ‘mtu hula kwa urefu wa kamba yake.’ Guess it’s true. As the weekend approaches, where will I find you?

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