For some time now, I have been working closely with Kola beach resort in Mambrui, Malindi Kenya, and I have come to realize that it is a Five Star resort . This has put me to the task to figure out the star rating system and what to expect from each level of hotel/ resort (1- 5 star). As usual, we all resort to Big “G” for advice when it comes to research on anything that is not available locally. So it was different for this case too.
There are many things people can say about star rating for hotels and resorts. However, you should for fact that these ratings do not tell of the treatment that you will receive at the hotel, but the kind of services or facilities available at these hotels and resorts. So that in mind, it is important to know what facilities to expect at each star.

One star Hotel / Resort

These are basically normal motels, dormitories or / and hostels that offer accommodation with minimal facilities available. These kinds of motels/hotels do not have a reception that operates 24 hours. This means that you might not get their services past a certain hour of the day/night. Such hotels do not offer housekeeping services on a daily basis. They tend to have very small guestrooms that can be said to be functional. Most of them come with a shared bathroom. A private television will be a dream, and if any, it will be situated in a common room.

Purpose or the rationale of a One-star Hotel/ Resort

One-star establishments are designed to offer economy accommodation facilities for people travelling on a budget. Such kind of people have cost as the primary concern
There several such establishments in Malindi Town, that have been offering budget accommodation to travellers for decades. Most of them are listed here.