Malindi boosts of a large number of schools both, primary and secondary and soon tertiary with the entry of Mount Kenya University.

Malindi High School logo
Malindi High School logo

The early schools in Malindi were largely public schools. These schools include Malindi High and Barani secondary.

Mamsa High school logo
Mamsa High school logo

However, with the increasing number of students, schools like Malindi Progressive, Silversands, Premier and Many Many others cropped up. We have always been proud of the steps taken to improve the Education standards with Malindi ( From Gede, Watamu, Malindi upto Gongoni). We, at The Malindians, are going to run a competition to see the best minds within Malindi.

Barani Secondary School logo
Barani Secondary School logo

We are urging both students and Alumni of different to write interesting pieces about their schools, may they be primary or Secondary or Tertiary if applicable. ( SCHOOLS WITHIN MALINDI or KILIFI COUNTY ONLY). REWARD: KSH. 500 for the best Articles ( There will be more than 1 Winner !!!) TERMS & CONDITIONS

  1. Write ups should be at least 300 words in length
  2. Should be written about a school within Malindi or Kilifi County
  3. One can write as many as Possible
  4. The article should adhere to good language, any abusive write-ups will be disqualified
  5. Articles that include images and Logos of the different school with earn extra points
  6. Workers and individuals affiliated to “THE MALINDIANS” can participate in the writing, but their articles will NOT be included amongst those competing
  7. “THE MALINDIANS” will appoint a bench of judges for identifying the winners.
  8. The decision of the judges WILL BE FINAL. NO APPEAL WILL BE ENTERTAINED
  9. The article submitted in this competition be remain Property of THE MALINDIANS. However, proper credits will be given to the Different Authors


  1. Please submit a in a digital format only
  2. Inbox your write-up on our Facebook page “The Malindians”
  3. Or submit it to any of to any of the Contact Below

For more Information, Please contact Faiz Bashrahil aka F-bash Prakatumba Malindian (Facebook) on 0704614625 Athuman Komora aka Komz-inc Komora (Facebook) on 0723734066 

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