Malindi, Kenya.

The police yesterday raided a house of a Mr. Mahdy along Mlima wa Seti- Shella Road. At about 8.30pm two police land cruisers arrived at the home, about 15 armed police men surrounded the house, while other three broke the entrance door open.

At the house, they found a mother who was shocked and horrified by the police action. The police searched the house without producing a ‘searching warrant’ (Police have perfected the art of operating outside the law). After about 5 mins they took off without confiscating anything. interviewed the son of Mr.Mahdy, Ali and he disclosed that his father was once targeted by The ATPU for suspicion of being an extremist. He disclosed that his father was ordered to shave his beards and hair and ‘banned’ him from wearing an Islamic ‘Kofia’.

One falls back and wonder are the police really sane? What law does it say that no one should wear a ‘kofia’ or put on beards or long hair. They lost it!

By: The Malindians Team


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