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I acknowledge the importance of girls and mothers' standing in Islam and exactly how the are held in significant regard, not since the stereotyped second classcitizens some may possibly wrongly portray. Because there is certainly this unfavorable typecast of how Islam sights women of all ages, Several non-Muslims might not understand that moms precisely, and oldsters on the whole, are...
A new music artist is in town, in a span of two months he has produced two single music and he's not gonna rest, this is at-least per what he told me! This no mean achievement for a person he 'mistakenly' ventured into music industry! Ladies and gentleman let me introduce to you Mohammed Alwy a.k.a KONVICT (His stage...
That he is a talented footballer is not in doubt! welcome, this is the story of Prince Swaleh Esteban.Born in 11 June 1994- Malindi, He is one of the youngest footballers who day in day out strive to work hard in football and excel. His hard work made him a hot 'cake' as several teams go for his signature.He...
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Malindi high school is the oldest high school found in Malindi. It was built in 1968 and became a public school in 1969. Malindi high has been a prospering public school in Kilifi county for a long time. Many people have attended that school. To start with, it’s a provincial school. It’s a boy’s boarding school. There is a...



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