brenda bogonko

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? You look around and realise there isn’t anyone who understands you. You shy away from your full potential because you are different and since people fear the unknown you conform to whatever will pass as norm.
Why is it so easy to pretend rather than being true to oneself? Why is it that we would rather hide behind facade after facade rather than adorning our true self? The answer is simple – Fear.
Fear is the one thing that cripples and stunts our potential. It is fear of failing that stops you from taking that job you have always wanted. You love the girl of your dreams from the shadows because you are afraid of being turned down. You run to the toilet after every meal because you are afraid of being labelled ‘fat’. You stay in a loveless stale relationship or hold on to someone who clearly doesn’t care about you and even hurts and disrespects you because you are afraid of starting over. No one wants to be alone, the sunset just doesn’t seem as magical without someone to share it with and so we hold on and give every single piece of ourselves until there is nothing else to be taken.
You don’t have to be a football fanatic to be cool. You don’t have to know everything the Kardashians do to be labelled up – to – date. You don’t have to use all your savings just to own labels besides there is a clear difference between style and fashion. So what you can tell the difference between fashion and style? If it’s different from what Vogue labels as Chic, so what?
You owe no one an apology for the opinions you hold however ‘insane’ they may sound. You’d rather talk about margins and acquisitions than baby clothes, so what? All your friends are married and pregnant but you’d rather build an empire now and a family later, so what?
The boys want to go out partying and drinking beer but you’d rather stay indoors with your girlfriends talking while sipping on mimosas, so what? So what you have fetishes that your friends label ‘abnormal’? Prosecco and Caviar do not bode well with your taste buds yet everyone seems to praise them, so what?
You will never be truly happy if you keep putting on a mask. It is damn right scary to open up and be vulnerable but it is worth it. It might hurt more than you can imagine it might leave scars that even bio oil can’t get rid off but at the same time it might also be the most exhilarating feeling. Set yourself free from the shackles of fear, take a step away from your comfort zone, embrace new ideas, try new things, travel and explore, be open to new possibilities. Live a little and take chances.
Stay fabulous my lovelies