Kilifi County Women Representative Miss Aisha Jumwa has called on the empowerment of the girl child saying that development cannot be achieved in the region as long as women are discriminated against.
“The girl child deserves as much opportunity as the boy child and these is the only way we are going to move forward,” said ms jumwa.
Kilifi county has a very low primary to secondary school girl child transition rate due to what education stakeholders consider a myriad of reasons but most prevalent include early marriage and discrimination.
“Why should the girls stay at home helping their parents with housework when they have the brains to be in school,” wondered the women rep.
The women leader said that development cannot be achieved as long as equality was not observed and promoted and ignorance would not be an excuse to subjugate the girl child.
Speaking to me, Miss Jumwa also cautioned parents who failed to take their children to school saying that the law would deal with them sternly.
The women leader insisted that parents take all their children to school indiscrimately and warned any parent caught marrying off their daughters early that they would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
“Early marriages area an infringement of children rights and these cannot be allowed to happen,” cautioned the women rep.
Ms Jumwa urged parents to take advantage of devolved funds dedicated to education to take their children to school and ensure they performed well.
“ We have bursaries at the Governor’s office, Member of Parliament office and also your local M.C.A has a bursary fund, take advantage of these money to educate the young as tomorrow we will look up to them.” Urged the women leader.
Miss Aisha Jumwa finished off by saying that we should emulate other counties across the countries that were investing in education of their youth as in years to come the same counties would have an educated electorate.


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