One of Malindi Kenya most prominent business tycoon, Marco Vancini, has died on the spot in a car accident. The mid morning incident happened as the 60 year old was travelling alone along the Malindi-Mombasa highway where he collided head-on with a truck.
Marco, owner of Coral Key Beach Resort – Malindi Kenya, is said to be travelling fast and could not manage to keep his vehicle on the road. On the other side, the Truck driver avoided collision by veering off the road but his efforts were in vain.

The truck that collided with Marco’s Car
The accident scene at Msabaha – Malindi

Within minutes after the happening of the incident, the place was thronged with curious onlookers and bystanders who gave security personnel a hard time. Amongst those present at the scene were Malindi OCPD George Losku Ali and Traffic base Commander Bernard Ibaya.

The two, while speaking to the Media, said have been conducting random inspections using speed guns as an effort to curb speeding and careless drivers. However, onlookers had different opinions on how such accidents could have been avoided. They complained on the width of the “Highway”, saying that it does not meet acceptable standards.


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