The Pride of Malindi journalists went around the now condoned old market and we asked them what they felt about the development. We got a mixed reaction from the few people we interview.
Firstly, there was a little rumor worth a worry. There were concerns that the market has been sold off to a wealthy ‘Somali’ business man. But thorough investigation from our team found this is another rumor like any-other. The Somali man on site is a contractor.
For many years Malindi Residents have cried over the state of the Old Malindi Market. The Kilifi County government have taken into themselves to refurbish and modernize the market.
The refurbishment may come at a cost. The Council tax will shoot up for any stall hired! This is a worry expressed by majority of the businessmen.

The author interviewing 'Mama Mboga'
The author interviewing ‘Mama Mboga’
The demolished bulding
The demolished bulding



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