Malindi town, located on the coastal shores of Kenya, has a population of approximately one hundred thousand. The town is rich in different things. Widely known as a tourist town, it surely hold beauty that attracts a lot of tourists, that is domestic and international tourists, in this case mostly Italians thus getting the name “little Milan”.

Sights and Attractions in Malindi Town

The white sandy beaches, the golden beaches and beautiful coral reefs are one of the major attractions. There also exist national monuments and landmarks that reveal a history of Portuguese interactions. These are the famous Vasco Da Gama pillar, named after the famous Portuguese explorer, The Portuguese Chapel and Prince Henry Monument named after Prince Henry the Navigator. The climate is also a major attraction. The climate experienced in Malindi is quite charming. Malindi town experiences a warm climate all year around, even during the wetter months.

maulidi town maulid
Part of the Maulid zefe (procession)

People and Culture

Malindi is a cosmopolitan town. It boasts of having people from different ethnicity and tribes. Having a population where people come from different tribes has enabled the natives to experience a taste of different cultures. It is also part of the annual calendar of events to showcase rich cultures on a three day event dubbed Malindi Cultural Festival. The annual event held on the beach presents an opportunity to learn more about culture of the different people living in Malindi town. It also provides an avenue for the people to interact and get to know each other well. This fosters a good relationship and a key ingredient to the peaceful nature of the Malindi People.

Potential of Malindi Town

Malindi town is full of interesting activities for people to see and participate. These activities include Maulid festivals and beach soccer. Soccer is a popular sport in the town and tournaments are usually held on the beach coinciding with holidays in an effort to tap and nurture talent in the youth. This is also strategic as it works as a way to keep them off drugs. These tournaments has seen some of the youth going into professional football abroad and some joining country’s top football league, Kenya Premier League.

Peaceful Haven
Malindi is known as to be peaceful and serene. The town has not been associated with any kind of violence. Even during the darkest era of Kenya’s politics, 2007 post-election violence, while there was chaos in other parts of Kenya, Malindi was peaceful. In fact, it was a safe haven for many people who were affected by the violence.
Malindi is a place of admiration, somewhere one would wish to be and call it a home.