For some time now, i have been writing articles, blog posts and several pages on how amazing Malindi is. However, it reaches to a point that, you get used to the “heaven” that you don’t feel it to be special anymore. Then, that one thing reminds you again what you have not been seeing. This one thing to me is this special lady §§~~ jammy ~~ §§. She is as she calls it, a communication specialist – very true and also the Founder of life in mombasa.

I know you must all be wondering what must have happened between me and her. Actually, nothing has happened, yet. I had been off Instagram for sometime due to some internet issues (i put the blame on Safaricom new data plans, and i haven’t gotten over it yet), until yesterday that a mention on the official Malindians Instagram account attracted my attention. The mention originated from lifeinmombasa Instagram account. Eljabry, had a trip to our magnificent town, and she enjoyed the trip. There wasn’t much in her words that could explain how wonderful Malindi was, but the shots she captured tells a lot about mornings and evenings of Malindi by the beach.


Apart from the wonderful scenery and a cool breeze, the jetty provides an elevated angle to see far into Malindi bay and the Vasco Da Gama Pillar. Around the pier is a nice sandy stretch that is a pitch for people of all walks of life to play and have a quiet time to themselves.


It is informal but works the purpose for most of the fishing lot. There are two views of this area, high tide and low tide. At low tide, there is a long stretch of algae growing on the rocks a reminder of some phycology unit i took sometime back.


After a long walk on the to both sides of the pier, watching beach soccer next to the House of Columns, tops the evening to any person visit and living in Malindi. The sport has been an incubator to all soccer talents from the town

Photo credits: LifeinMombasa

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Why have I been traveling so much? Because I have grown to like and love Malindi, I want to take risks, meet interesting people, challenge myself, explore the world, and learn more about myself in the process. This also helps me tell the story of how interesting Malindi.