A new music artist is in town, in a span of two months he has produced two single music and he’s not gonna rest, this is at-least per what he told me! This no mean achievement for a person he ‘mistakenly’ ventured into music industry! Ladies and gentleman let me introduce to you Mohammed Alwy a.k.a KONVICT (His stage name)

He was born in 16th October 1994 in Mombasa where he started his education life in Tudor Day in Primary, then moved here in Malindi (Yes he is a MALINDIAN) in MALINDI PROGRESSIVE ACADEMY (MPA) and later moved to RISAH Academy in Uganda where he is currently in form Four.

‘I really loved singing,’ Konvict answered my query via Whatsapp as i was interviewing him. ‘My bro Mohammed Ernesto Clovis, who introduced me to a producer and i gave it a shot and it worked! Can you imagine!’ He quips! His story of him becoming an artist is an exceptional, me (The writer) Didn’t believe it too because i knew him as we had

Konvict Posing for a snap
Yeah, That's me
Yeah, That’s me

learnt together in MPA school.

Konvict’s resolve and determination is to sow high and higher in music industry. His big inspiration is his group (EL-BREEZY) Group consisting of his allies. ‘…Singing is a minor talent that i have and i do it for my crew EL-BREEZY…’

His parting shot is encouragement for the upcoming artists to utilize their talents. ‘…so if you get the talent and you feel music in you.. show it to the world!’ He offers an advice. ‘Singing aint easy.’ He challenges!

He is no doubt a big Name to Come.

By: F-bash Prakatumba Malindian

Photo courtesy: Konvict