New opportunities have been created lately with the Malindians working together with Kola Beach Resort and Undepicted photography & Films in Malindi Kenya. The last few days have seen me travelling to Mambrui Malindi more frequently. The destination to all my visit were to Kola beach resort. The expanse and the unique setting of this resort made me probe so much into the origin of the place. With a “few” words, this is what i got as response:

Everything in our place bodes well, a delight, and a feeling. For instance; the name “kola”, that in the Swahili dialect signifies “shell”, has a particular intending to us. Each one of us could have went far and wide for one or more than one time. The reason of our travel can be more than an insignificant excursion, additionally whatever other reason and the greater part of us have the inclination of bringing home nearby questions from a went by spot, “Gifts”.

Those items generally get less vital with breathing easy. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you examine the Shell “kola”, even after numerous years, you will presumably feel the longing to put it close yo your ear and like enchantment you can hear the ocean’s sound.

Through listening to your shell, on the off chance that you have been at the Kola Beach Resort you can live some other time the same sensation, the same joy and you can feel the same feeling you felt in the past adventure to the Kola.

kola beach

The “Gold55” name is motivated from the interminable Gold Beach; “gold”, where the eatery is found and 55 is the year of birth of two of the three proprietors of the Resort. Three men that one day chose to give the feelings, delight, and sensation they are living so as to encounter in that otherworldly place, as a present to everybody who chooses to invest energy at the Kola Beach Resort. Everything is made offering benefit to the administration’s nature advertised.