Everybody wants to eat! From The governor to the MCA’s it’s a game of ‘it is our time to eat’. Some times you fall back and ask, is this devolution thing worth it? or is it a medium for the ‘haves’ to add more and the ‘haves not’ to stay poorer?

Kilifi County is one of the POOREST COUNTIES in Kenya! It is a fact. An impoverished county with potential resources being mismanaged by the county Government. Two years Down the line, nothing worth it is to be shown! giving examples of the neighbouring county MOMBASA, The county government through private-government initiative have bought more than 60 police cars! In Machakos County, 70 ambulances, 60 police cars have been purchased. Roads have been built and provision of clean piped water is now going on! A modern park complete with an international standard pitch has been constructed! Now Think of our very own, Kingi! Clueless!!!!!!

The Following is what our county M-PIGS, MCA’s have done to themselves….

Kilifi MCAs are among the best spenders on both local and international trips. Without giving a breakdown of the cost Kilifi people have so far incurred on these travels whose motives are highly suspect, lets see where they have hit the road:

1) Since September 2013 at least twice a months seminars/conferences/tours within the country where they are fully lodged in not lower than a 3 star hotel.

Not less than 2 weeks each:
2) A trip to Rwanda
3) A trip to Ghana
4) A trip to Singapore /Thailand
5) A trip to China
6) A trip to South Africa
7) A trip to Germany (closing of financial year trip)
8) A planned trip to Brazil for the world cup at the semi – final stages to closing ceremony*****

During their meet the people tours, MCAs tell us that the trips are intended to make them learn more from developed societies so that they can replicate the same back home. Many of us would ask when the MCAs will start implementing what they went to learn last September before implementing what they will learn in Brazil next July!

All this profligacy happened at the same time when Dungicha people were and are still starving. The MCAs did not even see it wise to do a PR thing, cancel one senseless trip and vote to donate the money to the people of Ganze.

Meanwhile somewhere else in Kilifi, the people we think are food secure include Hawe Zungu who had a lump of cold dead ugali and a “beetle’s ball” ie. salted old simsim pounded and rolled into a tennis ball size lump for breakfast!

You think the Kilifi governor is a demon? try the MCAs. Like the Swahili say: Hali ya jamvi hali ya mkeka!

Continue enjoying living in Kilifi.

By: Faiz M. Omar

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Why have I been traveling so much? Because I have grown to like and love Malindi, I want to take risks, meet interesting people, challenge myself, explore the world, and learn more about myself in the process. This also helps me tell the story of how interesting Malindi.


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