The Kilifi County Government has put to the public for scrutiny a new traffic bill which can only described as ambitious and a rough draft of creative fiction article.
The proposed traffic bill was taken through its public participation stage by the transport and public works committee at Nidhamia Women Hall in Malindi Sub-county on 24/10/2015. The forum was moderated by the committee chairperson Mr. Anthony Kenga.
If the reactions by the public present during the reading are anything to go by, then the bill if ever passed will receive a very loud welcome.
It’s really hard to focus on the positive aspects of this bill when so much wrong is screaming at you from its 59 pages but let me try.
The County Government is set to create employment through the employment of traffic marshals who will help in enforcing the new laws and believe me when I say new laws because the county aims to criminalize a lot of things as simple as how far from the curb you park your car.
The second advantage of this bill is that if it is ever passed then our financial difficulties as a county will be over as the traffic bill will be our goose that lays the golden egg. What with the new bill criminalizing innocent acts like parking your car, alighting from a tuktuk among others?
The new bill coupled with the new traffic officers will sure be a source of income set to make other counties green with jealousy if you consider the fact that the county government has not done anything to put in place structures before introducing a new bill, e.g. building those elusive parking areas.
According to the bill, Malindi residents better get ready for a shock, a shock in the form of traffic lights, yes people, traffic lights in our humble tourist dependent, drainage clogged and revenue losing to teardrops company town. But before you start looking for them better watch for the traffic marshal as not obeying the lights will set you back two thousand shillings or a three months paid vacation in Mtangani.
You got to love our county government and their creative minds, there is a section mentioning terminologies like harbor, berth, ferry, ships, jetty and lots of oceans speak which can only mean that we will be getting a new harbor in our county. Please take a bow to these county people
In case you aren’t clapping by now. Here’s a new reason, expect a light railway network, whether this railroad will be built before or after our roads are repaired, am not sure.
Dear Malindians, how many zebra crossings are there in Malindi town and do you know where they are?
Do you by any chance know of any designated picking and dropping zone for passengers?
Do you also know where the designated car parking is as i have always thought Malindi parking areas are next to the road?
My fellow Malindians, the county government loves us so much that they have decided to give us a 59 page fiction booklet.

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