How to Make an Impression on a First Date

Hey Girls, today i just decided to focus on you. Imagine of that guy you like and have wanted to meet and out of the blues he decides to take you out on a date.

So how do you make an impression that will last?

I got all the answers
How to Make an Impression on a First Date

It’s In Your Dress code

How you wear will matter a lot. You should wear something that you are comfortable with, make sure you just don’t wear what’s in fashion and forget to be comfortable. I advise that you do put on something that you are free in and impressing as well. Always remember you are what you wear. It speaks what kind of a girl you are.

 Body Odour

Are you the type of girl who leaves a statement when she passes over?  If not I advise you to be one on this day. Everybody loves a nice odour and I bet that guy will be more than pleased to smell that cologne you wearing, just make sure it’s not too strong to make someone uncomfortable. And this little trick will keep the guy thinking of how good you smell even when you’re not around him.


Smile! Smile! And smile again. Your smile is either your greatest strength or greatest weakness anyway it should never disappoint. This is practically the easiest tool to keep an impression that lasts. Just try it and thank me later.

Your Attitude

Girls, that attitude will matter a lot to the guy’s perspective about you being his future girlfriend. So take care on how you react to every single issue you discuss, if you are the type who frowns too quick or gets angry at every tease or one who is childish to every issue girl I guess its time you learn to control that. Here ladies you should definitely go with the tune when it’s time for teasing please swing along with it because life is too short to be taken seriously just have fun here .That’s the attitude you carry along with you here.

Talk about a Hobby

I always think that it’s interesting to talk to other people about my hobby because I feel like I want to share something about me that’s not too personal or too deep to be private. I bet it feels so good to tell other people what you’re good in and girl here’s the exact time where you brag about something but in a rather indirect way. All the same hobbies are always a fun topic and one never gets bored.

Don’t be too open about yourself

Just because you are too pleased about meeting this guy doesn’t really mean you should tell him everything about you ever since you were a kiddo just cut it out. Be a little secretive. Leave him wanting to know some more about you and this will definitely win you a chance to have a second date because he will want to know more of the untold part of your life and that’s the joy of suspense.

Have That Friendly Approach

I know there’s always that approach that you give someone who you’re not well versed with. Let us call it a strange atmosphere or an ugly butterfly feeling. Try to overcome this and have that friendly approach. How you approach someone will score you a mark on either they can be friendly to you as well or not. And since you want to make a first impression that will last you should definitely be so friendly.

Be Calm and Confident

You did put on that dress that was comfortable for you, now it’s time to be confident in yourself. Just be calm and relaxed because this is the only way you will make the best out of your chance. Being calm will score you marks in the sense that the guy will be pleased in how awesome you can compose yourself.

Be a Good Listener and Speaker As Well

Since you are definitely going to strike a conversation you are going to take turns on speaking and listening. And since you are in for making an impression be a good listener. The guy will definitely appreciate being listened to and do not interrupt even if you disagree just wait for your time to speak then disagree in a polite way. When speaking please be polite and stay on the topic, don’t use harsh or abusive language. He will definitely want to talk to you some other time.


I kept this one last because to some it’s an exception and to some it’s a yes. To those who don’t do makeup  like myself just keep it your way and to those who do make up try to keep it standard so that it doesn’t overdo the real you.

So that’s it good luck with your first date and i hope you make that awesome impression and as i said thank me later ladies. And hit me up with your questions just here