Malindi being a coastal city in Kenya, is usually flocked by a lot of tourists,who crave to enjoy a heavenly treatment, from different parts of the world;Italy,France,Britain to name but a few. The squeezed juice out of this ,is the sprouting up of plenty of 5-star hotels which offer royal services,with royal prices as well.

However,this ain’t a cup of tea to the locals.Bowing to the adage,only the villagers know best who are the ghosts in the Baobab trees,Malindi locals can tell best who are the giants of different local cuisines in their town. Malindi, being a town with both a modern touch and a spark of rich culture,basing on its vast history of interaction between Arabs,Portuguese and the local tribes,it resulted to a wide range of foods,congested menus and a rich ‘kitchen’.

Uniqueness of Eateries in Malindi

One unique thing about the many local cafeterias and eateries in Malindi is their humble setting,not to scare away those who don’t want to cough much from their pockets.Their settings and locations are probably not the ones with colourful chandeliers or romantic red and white silken curtains flowing down on antique carved wooden doors suitable to take someone for a date,but strategic for those who wouldn’t shy off licking their fingers.They say don’t judge a book by its cover,and that is well proven by the delicious aromas that mercilessly spank your nose as soon as you step into these eateries.

Common items on the menu of typical Eateries in Malindi

taheri fast food eateries in MalindiThe menus of these eateries are as well more or less similar.You definitely should be expecting a column of bites.These can include samosa,viazi karai, bhajia, kababu katlesi, mkate sinia, vitumbua and more.The locals prefer these on their breakfast plate.Their prices range from Ksh.5 for the likes of viazi karai upto Ksh.30 for samosa or katlesi.All the rest cling to the same price range. Moreover,their is also a column of main courses.

This column contains a lumpsome of local dishes like biriani,pilau,wali(rice) na karanga,wali(rice) na mchuzi,chapati(parathar) complimented with beans,mchicha, sima and so on.These dishes vary in prices greatly depending on what was used to cook the dish and the amount served.a good example can be biriani which can either be beef,chicken or mutton biriani. Howerer,all these have a range of Ksh. 150 to as much as Ksh. 400 for special chicken biriani.The above dishes are served with either garden salad or kachumbari(local salad) and pilipili ya kukanga(chilli pickle fried with tomato paste). Lastly to quench these spicy dishes is a column of drinks.Here u will meet ordinary bottled soft drinks and also fresh fruit juices.Famous drink here,though not found in all eateries,is the local tamarind juice.The rest of the juices are ordinary tropical fruit juices. Malindi being a city with mostly Muslims,eateries don’t include wines,beer or any alcoholic drinks in their menus.

Famous eateries in Malindi

SIMBA DISHES:it is located on the heart of Malindi town.This eatery is well known to all the locals. Anyone you come across can take you to this eatery in Malindi.

BARANI DISHES:this eatery is located along one of busiest roads in Malindi. Furthermore it is located on a transit of Lamu buses where travellers would stop by to have a bite,or a full meal next to the bus offices.

LAMU DISHES:located in the middle of the road linking Simba dishes and Barani dishes.It is directly opposite to Wananchi Bar.

JABREEN CAFE:Located on the main street of Malindi town.This street is the link between Mombasa and Lamu

ARAFAT CAFE:This is among the oldest eateries in Malindi town.It is also located on the same street as Jabreen cafe.

TAHERI FAST FOOD :This is the spiciest house among them all because it is owned and operated by Indians. They.They offer spicy barbeque chicken or meat among other foods.

Article by Ahmad Omar Mohamad