It has been a week since i posted an article about the financial situation at Malindi Education Development Association. Luckily, today i was able to get a chance to talk to Mr. Attas Sharriff, sitting at the Helm of the organization a member in the Board of Trustees and the Chairman in the Board of Directors, Mr. Aziz, the C.F.O. alongside other members of staff.

I would like to clarify that i was misinformed on the facts that made the basis of the previous post. Malindi Education Development Association is well financed and is not having any financial crisis. Moreover, claims that the Chief Finance Officer is missing are totally untrue. It has been established that he is currently working with Afya International Hospital on Sulisuli road opposite Light Academy, Malindi. He is also working part time with the organization on the same capacity as before.

MEDA receives different kind of donations from different kinds of donors, amongst these donations are equipments for disabled like crutches. Due to the nature and the scope of the activities, MEDA have been donating equipments out of their scope to the needy as well as relevant groups and organization with people of such need. Following such a realization, On behalf of myself and The Malindians, i would to apologize to Malindi Education Development Association (MEDA), its board of Trustees, board of Directors, Mr. Attas, Mr. Aziz (C.F.O.), Staff, Interns & Volunteers and the People of Malindi for persevering the shame of being implicated to damaging claims of corruption, gross misuse of funds and Sale of equipments donated for a period of one week

. The damages of the post is irreparable to the people implicated and might lead to potential loss donor funding from existing or potential donation, something that is opposite from the goals and objective of “THE MALINDIANS”. For this we wish they accept my sincere apology. I here by offer to make any amends in any way possible.


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