A few weeks ago, the Governor of Kilifi County, Amason Kingi went on a mashinani tour aptly named “Kingi Mashinani” to inspect development programs funded by his Government. TheMagarini Subcounty inspection tour is just one of the scheduled rounds in all sub counties to assess the work done by contractors since the County Government ascended into power.
To my fellow lay people this is the point where we make an uninformed assumption that the County administration has already initiated projects either developmental or otherwise.
It is the norm in other counties to loudly proclaim when launching projects but for reasons unknown to me,not many of these projects seem to be in the public domain more specifically the online domain which I just so happen to be a citizen.
The said projects in Magarini sub county received their inspection team led by none other but the number one Kilifi county resident, the Governor himself and his entourage which am sure compromised of the ward representatives in the County assembly.
Wrong story short, after the inspection ,the Governor is quoted in mainstream media as saying he is disappointed with some of the projects as some were sub-standard, others had not been completed despite the time frame expiring and some had not even started.
I was not among the visiting team so I lack on specific information of above projects which so upset our Governor as to allow himself to be quoted on national media expressing his dissatisfaction with the work done and work not done.
If the County released money for certain projects to be initiated and those contracted to do the work underperformed then it means that financial misappropriation happened and our cash strapped Government has lost some really hard to come by cash.
I expected Mr. Kingi to call on financial investigators to do some forensic audit on these projects to ascertain how much the County has lost and recommend prosecution in the anti-graft court for those who fall under the “might be guilty” blanket.
I am an optimist, which nowadays is a really hard character trait to adopt and maintain but am of the idea that the Governor will take action against these enemies of our beloved County who want to enrich themselves illegally.
The County head, I pray may be late in taking action but I believe he will do so in good time for I believe that as much as we want financial accountability at the National level, we must start at the county level for there is no big thief and a small thief.
I have waited for several weeks and am still waiting for action to be taken as I am sure Mr. Kingi will not let these actions go unpunished, I also do believe that any money lost will be surcharged to the guilty parties be it individuals or companies. I have waited and am still waiting.