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chozi la mnyonge
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Christmas was uneventful. After spending one part of the Christmas eve with family and the rest at the Malindi International Art extravaganza, i was drained. Therefore, despite the different parties going down at different places, i chose to remain indoors.Christmas came and passed, but what left a mark was the conversation i had with Martin Mutuku on boxing day....
taheri fast food eateries in Malindi
Malindi is a coastal city in Kenya, is usually flocked by a lot of tourists, who crave to enjoy a heavenly treatment, from different parts of the world; Italy, France, Britain to name but a few. The squeezed juice out of this is the sprouting up of plenty of 5-star hotels which offer royal services, with royal prices as...
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He Is Just Very Much Into YouSome of us have had sleepless nights wondering if the love of your life loves you or if he is just there for a good ride. Well ladies if he does more than four of these things then you are among the lucky few.1. Knows exactly how you like your poisonIf he truly...
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Company of One

It is believed that misery loves company. I am not sure of this but what i know from many is that fun also loves company. Many tend to get bored when they are alone, a syndrome that has been named loneliness. For this reason, many tend to have people accompany them when going  to party.So where i am going with...
Front Office Job Vacancy We are looking for a focused well rounded individual with excellent written and verbal communication skills and at least one year's experience to join our front office team. If you believe you have what it takes,kindly send an application to hr@pinecourt.co.ke On or before 23rd January 2018 #thinkpinecourt #experiencemalindi We are looking for a focused well rounded individual with excellent written...
Mirrors Art Group from Malindi Kenya has successfully staged a play called "The Broken Glass" at Cleopatra Hall. The play was a joint venture of the Art club and Family Health Options Kenya (FHOK) Malindi.



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