He Is Just Very Much Into You

 10 signs he loves you

Some of us have had sleepless nights wondering if the love of your life loves you or if he is just there for a good ride. Well ladies if he does more than four of these things then you are among the lucky few.
1. Knows exactly how you like your poison
If he truly loves you then he should be able to walk to the bartender and order your drink with confidence while you sit and look pretty. Whether you enjoy black coffee no sugar or an espresso martini with a twist instead of olives or like me, hate any carbonated drink unless it is champagne, the gift from the gods, he should nail it without a problem.
2. Goofs around with you
He might be the boss of a big company or the guy that is always putting on a serious face with his mates but when he is with you he lets his guard down and embraces his inner child. Remember those silly pictures you took in the photo booth? What about that silly dance he does just to make you smile or the note of your favourite song that he tries to hit to cheer you up?

 10 signs he loves you -2
3. Makes time for you/ Explores The World With You
Sweetheart, if you are dating a man who never runs out of excuses just to get out of spending the weekend with you or one who doesn’t want to travel with you, put on your running shoes and never look back. A man who truly cares for you will find excuses to see you even if it’s for a few minutes during your cigarette break.
4. No make – up? No problem
For some of us, it takes time before we let others see us all dressed down and without make up. If your man wakes up next you and doesn’t scream his head off and as a bonus even kisses with you before you have the chance to rush into the bathroom for a quick mouth wash then I urge you not to let him go.
5. Warms your cold feet
You know you have a keeper if he lets you rub your cold hands or feet on his body just because he doesn’t want you to suffer even though it means him enduring the winter pangs. I admit I’m notorious with always trying to get away with this one.
6. PDA
Who doesn’t enjoy a little PDA? Doesn’t it feel simply amazing when he holds your hand everywhere except the toilet that is ha-ha. Butterfly kisses, aren’t they simply magical? What about when he pulls you closer and embraces you like everything else is background music?

7. Remember your first time?
I remember mine vividly. Everything was beautiful and I recall dancing till my poor feet ached. Was it painful you ask? No amount of anguish can be likened to that fateful day when he gently held my hair back while I threw up for hours then he helped me clean up and put me to bed. If he loves you, it won’t matter that you are a light weight and the stench of you getting sick won’t scare him away either.
8. Shops with you
Most women’s shopping includes walking around the mall maybe even twice but ending up buying one item or almost everything on else. Does he tag along and he even tries to give you feedback even though he has no idea what you are talking about? At the lingerie section does he help you find your size and advises that the Brazilian would look better on you than the G – string? Lock that man down.
9. Yes dear…Ok Darling
If he calls you dear, darling or what the millennials call bae without it feeling like its being forced then smile and know that you are truly loved.
10. It’s all in the little things
If he loves you he will notice the line that forms on your forehead when you are worried, he will talk about you to his mates, he will make you soup when you have that horrible cold, he will ensure you resolve any problems before you head to bed and he will do everything in his power just to make you smile.
Ladies, you notice I did not talk about his phone pin or letting you watch your Telenovela during his favourite’s team match or even a little pillow talk because you and I both know the answer to that.
Stay fabulous.
Photography: Jeffrey Okundi