Malindi Beaches and places to swim
Malindi coastline is split into three sections spanning 10 kilometers. The north section spans for miles and ends at the iconic Vasco Da Gama Pillar right after the pier, locally known as Buntwani. Beyond the coral rocks is where begins the Silver Sands Beach. This area spans 3 kilometers and comes to an end at the farthest coral rock. Last but not least is the Marine Park beach, which is 1.5 kilometers long. Radio tower on top a massive rock marks the end of this beach.

malindi beaches buntwani north beach
Kids playing on buntwani beach (North beach)

The North Beach
This beach spans 8 kilometers towards the River Sabaki that spills into the Indian Ocean. This affects swimming during low tides. This means the waters are a bit murky compared to the lower section near the Vasco Da Gama pillar. Following heavy rains the water turns reddish-brown brought about by the iron-rich soils from Tsavo East National Park. This phenomenon is mostly common in the months November and April.

malindi beaches Silversands malindi beach
Silversands Malindi Beach

The Silver Sands

This is a more popular beach than the other two. The beach begins beyond the southern rocks of the Vasco Da Gama pillar and spans about 3 kilometers. Swimming is much enjoyable here if the tide is high. The warm waters attain a temperature of about 27 o C  all year round. During low tides you can explore the incredible diversity of fauna found on the beach. On weekends especially Sundays, the beach becomes populated as families come to enjoy themselves. On occasions one might find entertainment from African shows.

malindi beaches malindi marine park beach
Malindi Marine Park Beach

The Malindi Marine Park Beach
This beach spans about 1.5 kilometers and ends at a radio tower on top a huge rock. Similar to the silver sands, swimming is also enjoyable during high tides and exploration is done during low tides. A bit of caution is to be taken while exploring as the corals and rocks are sharp-edged. This beach should be the focus for anyone who is interested in diving, snorkeling and boat trips. Boat trips are negotiable and are dependent on the season. Entrance fee is usually about 12 €. A resting wooden deck will cost you 2 €. When one orders a drink or wants to dine, then their food and drinks will be served to where they are.