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Malindi Attractions Sight Seeing

Malindi town is a quite an old town owing much of Malindi tourist attractions to Portuguese explorers who were travelling around the world to India. The Vasco Da Gama Pillar is one of the most prominent landmarks in Malindi Town. Not very far from the pillar, there stands an Old Chapel that was used by the early days' European explorers. As an effort to conserve National Heritage and Artifacts, The National Museums of Kenya has maintained the House of Columns just close to the Malindi pier. Not far from the pier, stands the Old District Commissioner office, now turned into a Museum. Outside is the list known landmark of a sail, built as a sense of direction by sailors to India. Much of the buildings around the old District commissioner's office and very old and are preserved by the The National Museums of Kenya as national heritage. Just opposite the office is Umoja gardens, serves as a small picnic garden and also a part of Malindi's tourist attractions. Marafa Hell's Kitchen | Robinson Island

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