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Malindi town is a quite an old town owing much of Malindi tourist attractions to Portuguese explorers who were travelling around the world to India. The Vasco Da Gama Pillar is one of the most prominent landmarks in Malindi Town. Not very far from the pillar, there stands an Old Chapel that was used by the early days' European explorers. As an effort to conserve National Heritage and Artifacts, The National Museums of Kenya has maintained the House of Columns just close to the Malindi pier. Not far from the pier, stands the Old District Commissioner office, now turned into a Museum. Outside is the list known landmark of a sail, built as a sense of direction by sailors to India. Much of the buildings around the old District commissioner's office and very old and are preserved by the The National Museums of Kenya as national heritage. Just opposite the office is Umoja gardens, serves as a small picnic garden and also a part of Malindi's tourist attractions. Marafa Hell's Kitchen | Robinson Island

malindi beaches Silversands malindi beach
Malindi Beaches and places to swim Malindi coastline is split into three sections spanning 10 kilometers. The north section spans for miles and ends at the iconic Vasco Da Gama Pillar right after the pier, locally known as Buntwani. Beyond the coral rocks is where begins the Silver Sands Beach. This area spans 3 kilometers and comes to an end...
malindi marine park beach
Malindi Marine National Park Malindi Marine National park is the oldest Marine National Park in Kenya. It is located about 120 kilometres from the nearest city, Mombasa. The park is easily accessible from both road and Air. The nearest airport, Malindi Airport (MYD) is barely 10 kilometres away. Extent of Malindi Marine National Park The Malindi Marine National park extends all the...
Malindi pier
The Malindi Pier is an iconic landmark in not only Malindi Town, but the whole of the East African Coast. It is one of the longest piers in the region. Many people coming to the place have to visit the place at least once. For residents, it is a family hangout place every weekend. What to do at the Malindi Pier The Malindi pier...
Arabuko Sokoke forest has an area that is estimated to be around 420 kilometre squared. In fact it is said to be the only forest patch within Eastern and Southern Africa consisting of dry coastal forest that is continuous. Arabuko Sokoke forest is a unique habitat and it is characterized by a large flora and fauna biodiversity. These are about...
malindi house of columns
The House of Columns is one of the oldest building in Malindi Town. It is a showcase of ancient Swahili Architecture. It house one and the only large Coelacanth ever captured in Malindi waters. The House of Columns is a mini Museum that houses some of the peculiar findings of Malindi Marine Life.                 {"@context":"http://schema.org","@type":"TouristAttraction","@id":"1500444","name":"House of Columns","image":"http://malindians.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/malindi-house-of-columns.jpg","priceRange":"","address":{"@type":"PostalAddress","streetAddress":"","addressLocality":"Malindi","postalCode":"80200","addressRegion":"North Coast","addressCountry":"Kenya"},"telephone":"","review":{"@type":"Review","url":" http://malindians.com/malindi-attractions-sight-seeing/house-of-columns…rist-attractions/","author":{"@type":"Organization","name":"Malindians","sameAs":" http://malindians.com"},"publisher":{"@type":"Organization","name":"Malindians","sameAs":" http://malindians.com"},"datePublished":"2018-02-22T04:54:16.212986+00:00","description":"The...
marafa hells kitchen malindi
Marafa Hell’s kitchen is a rugged landscape with high cliffs and sharp rocks much like the Grand Canyon in the United States only a bit small. This a nature reserve located north of Malindi approximately 22 miles from town. It is situated in a small village locally known as Marafa. The rough landscape is due to volcanic activities that took place...



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