Every other person has a story, and so does Fash P Hollystar. When Malindi Allstars caught up with him, we were interested in about the history of his music, what has motivated him, his mentors, his works and what to expect from him in a few months to come. Here is how things went.

When did Fash P Hollystar start his music career?

I started my music career in 2005 when I was in form 2 at Chumani Secondary. When in high school I was just writing the lyrics but I started recording when I completed.I started recording and did my first song DUNDA as a solo project under Crack Sound Rec Kilifi, Producer Jay Crack in 2009.

How did Fash P Hollystar get into music?

Fash P. HollystarI just loved music since high school when I was appointed as the Entertainment Prefect being in charge of all sorts of Entertainments and also being the school DJ when it comes to entertainment days.So i feel that that was one of the major reasons that made me venture into the music industry after high school

Who inspires Fash P Hollystar?

Back then, I admired many artists and I used to play most of their songs during Entertainment events while in high school. I loved most songs from the by then duo “SUSUMILA” made up of Yusuf and Escobar.My passion for music was driven by our local artists inclusive of Susumila(as a group), Kingsting and bedbug not forgetting Nyota Ndogo.I loved their songs and vowed to be like them when I complete my studies. I also grew up to love E-Sir’s rap style

Susumila as a single artist remains to be my mentor because of his hard work and music strategy.I also love Khaligraph Jones and I hope one day we will be in the same building doing a project.

What work has Fash P Hollystar done in music?

I have done many songs but the ones that got airplay are: DUNDA, MASHUJAA(FT SHABIG), SINA SABABU (FT KLEANHEART & MCHAFUZY) , KAZA KAMBA (FT SHABIG), RIDE HIGH, AT PAR(FT DOGO RICHY) just to mention but a few. I did videos for DUNDA ,RIDE HIGH & SINA SABABU

How has Fash P Hollystar grown his starting music?

Since I started my music career up to now, I feel I have grown to a certain point.When I started, it was difficult for me to raise studio fee because I did not have support from my family because my late dad termed being an artist is being arrogant. But now I earn some few coins that can make me afford studio fees and also do videos.I earn SKIZA ROYALTIES AND AIRPLAY ROYALTIES. For so, I feel I’m growing day by day

What you should expect from me in the next 6 months are collaborations with my mentors; Susumila or Khaligraph Jones