About Dotty Shuqx

I am Dotty Shuqx (Dorothy Shukrani), an upcoming artist from Malindi. I am a recording and performing artist. I mainly do music and periodically act movies.


When did you start your music career?

I officially launched my music career in 2016. However, I have been singing for a very long time. It became evident in me that I can sing when I was in high school.


What pushed the start of your singing Career?

I have great love for music. Like I had said earlier, since my time in high school I notice my ability to sing. Moreover, my friends have been really instrumental in my musical journey.

Who inspires Dotty Shuqx?

I like Yemmy Alade and Chameleon from Nigeria and Uganda respectively and from country (Kenya) I like Kendy and King Kaka.


About the work you have made

I have had a chance to release about 4 songs. These are Nakuchukia, Unyanyasaji, Nivumilie and Ukanichanganya. At the moment, I am still working on Kachiri. For all the above projects, I have been able to produce a video for the Nivumilie song.


What is the impact of music to your life?

Since I started my music career, I have networked a lot through the different events I have attended. These events have given me the chance to meet people that have impacted my career in one way or the other. The general public has also gotten to hear the kind of music I make. It has also given me the chance to perform in the “Malindi Art Extravaganza” Concerts and other gigs for exposure


What to expect from Dotty Shuqx

I have a string of new projects lined up. I intend to put more effort into my work more than before. To all fans and prospective fans, I need to make all this happen is your support.

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