Malindi Airport is an iconic landmark. I have decided to use Malindi airport as a reference to the larger area surrounding it in regard to the promising career of Burning Ice as an artist and music producer. Moreover, he comes into the Malindi Music scene  introducing his brand Trace Records and Videos had an opportunity to talk to the Burning ice regarding his pontential as a promising artist in the greater of Malindi and at least a 100km radius of Malindi Airport. I wanted to know of his musical journey, his inspiration, his works and challenges if any.

Start of Music Career

Burning Ice :  I started my music career way back in 2010 as a music producer just before sitting for my KCPE exam.

Inspiration into music

Burning Ice:  It has always been my dream that i just enter into music production world. But, as i started making beats, i started growing an urge to sing and then i tried it. Many of those who sampled my music said that am talented and so i kept my ice burning

Role Models in the music world

Burning ice - most promising artist 100 km around malindiBurning Ice : I was influenced by so many people but would love to mention a few starting with my late dad who was my no. 1 fan. He always would put my songs as his ringtone and tell me where i went wrong so i could do better in my next project
I would also mention Mosses, A good friend of mine, who i can say was the first person i saw making beats and borrowed the software from.

I love good music and my mentors have always been those who make good music. There are so many ways to be mentored. By listening to what someone else does or by listening to what someone is telling u to do. Big up to producer Baindo from Bigfoot production, Laizer from WCB, Easy J Kalama from Balozi Records (La Belle), Shirko producer thanks for the advice you’ve always given me and as an artist, thanks to all who make good music.

Growth since starting Music

Burning Ice: When we talk of audio, lets mention bajeti. It really did well on the media, and everyone loved this song. I then did karatasi, which people loved as well, then, rudi, sijazoea, sitaweza, ariche, nitapona. I loved the impact from each of these songs.

I can mention ariche, sitaweza and nitapona when we talk about videos. All available on YouTube.

I have been able to start my own studio. Trace records, which later grew to trace videos. So i do both audio and video. As a singer and music producer. I love my work

Expectations of fans around 100km radius of Malindi

Burning Ice : I Would love to introduce my brand new tune, sitapona. Its the 1st project done by me in 2018 and am always cracking my head to keep the music table hot. I have great plans as an artist, as a producer and i see myself on the next level in the next 6 months. More videos coming soon!! More Audios. God wiling, everything is possible

Listen to Sitapona by clicking here

Photo ofBurning Ice
Burning Ice
Job Title
Recording Artist /Music Producer
Trace Records
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