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How to Make an Impression on a First DateHey Girls, today i just decided to focus on you. Imagine of that guy you like and have wanted to meet and out of the blues he decides to take you out on a date.So how do you make an impression that will last?I got all the answersIt’s In Your Dress...

Company of One

It is believed that misery loves company. I am not sure of this but what i know from many is that fun also loves company. Many tend to get bored when they are alone, a syndrome that has been named loneliness. For this reason, many tend to have people accompany them when going  to party.So where i am going with...
Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? You look around and realise there isn’t anyone who understands you. You shy away from your full potential because you are different and since people fear the unknown you conform to whatever will pass as norm.Why is it so easy to pretend rather than being true to oneself? Why is it...
Pilka pilka zangu hunipeleka sehemu nyingi na kwa bahati nzuri nimepatana na watu wengi wa hulka tofauti tofauti. jana nilikuwa katika show ya karaoke ndani ya Pine court beach bar. Wiki hii, msanii kwa kufoka na Kuimba Kelsa Kelvin alikuwa "Guest Artist". Nilipatana na Kijana mtanashati kwa jina William Karisa aka kabyser. Hivi ndivyo mazungumzo yalivyoenda:-Komz: Nimependezwa unavyoimba, je...



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