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It is believed that misery loves company. I am not sure of this but what i know from many is that fun also loves company. Many tend to get bored when they are alone, a syndrome that has been named loneliness. For this reason, many tend to have people accompany them when going  to party.So where i am going with...
“We have a total of 61 room that are no the ground floor from the 19 villa. These villas are surrounded by a beautiful well-kept tropical garden that is overlooking either the ocean or the pool. Each of these room/ villas is equipped with a private living room, minibar, air condition, a safe, a bathroom with a hair dryer...
Kama tulivyoahidi, Karaoke ya Wiki hii (30th November 2016), ilikuwa na sheshe kibao huku Kikundi cha Dirty Crew kikiachalia Video yao mpya kwa mara ya kwanza. Cheki picha hizo                                                                                                                                          
Have you ever listened to a song on radio and felt like smashing the audio machine to pieces or watched a song either on TV or a computer and felt really disappointed in humanity, that’s what happened to me yesterday, let me explain more.While doing constructive online research which in essence means passing employers time doing things that might...



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